Dr. Ehrhardt Wealth Management

DJE Kapital AG is a family-managed corporate group. It does not follow instructions from a parent company, and it operates independently in terms of finances, investment policy and material resources. Foresight and prudence are hallmarks of our corporate culture.

The foundation of our asset management service is a robust investment policy that follows clear processes and a disciplined approach. The global distribution of the assets entrusted to us in carefully selected shares, bonds and funds follows a value-oriented investment approach. We avoid incomprehensible financial products. Preservation of capital, capital security and a steady increase in value are our core principles. Over the past 40 years we have achieved these goals time and time again.

We offer our customers first-class asset management services:

Our excellent staff retention and the strong commitment of our team guarantee the continuity and reliability of our services. Good performance and a  firm focus on service have enabled us to earn the trust of our investors, both private and institutional.